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Thanks to EASY VISITS, events can be held again despite the Covid-19 pandemic.
With EASY VISITS, you can divide areas of your event into corridors and collect data from your visitors and participants easily and conveniently.
The solution for providing digital infection chain tracking as an extension of your offered hygiene concept during and after the current corona pandemic.

Your Advantages

In addition to the generally increased feasibility of your event, EASY VISITS offers many other advantages.

Our Solution

Up to now, visitor flows could not be recorded and ultimately the exclusion criterion for the implementation of events. Security has absolute priority. With EASY VISITS , the secure fulfillment of the documentation requirements becomes child's play. As the organizer of an event, you can now hand over the data to the health department quickly and easily if required.
100% data protection compliant data collection guaranteed and automatic destruction after the retention period has been reached .
No paperwork - digital recording - no paper and printing costs.
Good for the environment by avoiding paper
Cost, time and stress savings for your employees.
Avoidance of data protection violations and associated fines.

Your Visitors

Quick and easy scanning of a special QR code on the respective predefined corridor.
No app is required. Simply scan the QR code with your normal mobile phone camera.
Enter data on your own smartphone.

The visitor and participant can find comprehensive information on the EASY VISITS website about how and for what purpose their data is stored and that they are stored 100% securely and in compliance with data protection regulations and that they are deleted again.

Trustworthy and data protection compliant handling of the data is guaranteed.

Your visitor can be sure that their data will not be used without their consent

Your Added Value

The digital tool EASY VISITS offers many additional options for more detailed information on your event or the presentation of additional content. It enables one
Customer Satisfaction Survey, a
Linking to your website, a
Connection to your social media accounts,
an event-related precise evaluation of the dwell time per sector. A
graphic processing of the evaluations
Forecast for the next events up to the integration of online shops or sponsor websites *.

Of course, there is an option with Easy Visits Via the White Label * function to make an individual representation and individual contents of the login page by color selection, logo integration.

Cloud Storage

All visitor data is stored on national servers for a period of time specified by the authorities.


EASY VISITS is also available as an application in order to offer very large international mass events individual solutions.


As one of the leading companies in equipping sports events, we are very pleased to be able to offer you a tailor-made solution.

Scope of Services

We will be happy to provide you with details of the scope of services in a separate offer.

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