On a Run




With EASY VISITS we have developed the last important component for your event, with it in addition to the hygiene concept, the protective equipment of your employees and participants, the required contact details of your visitors are now recorded and managed.


In a matter of seconds, it's child's play and 100% data protection compliant.


This makes it possible to hold your event again. We not only relieve you of the prescribed work and relieve you and your employees, but also enable you to perform the technical feasibility in the first place with a larger number of visitors.


No more paperwork, no more disinfecting pens, no more printing and administrative costs and problems with the data protection compliant disposal of the data after the end of the retention period.


One-time scanning of a QR code of the respective sector upon arrival. In this way you can record visitors and participants at your hot spots.


In addition to an optional display of your sponsors, EASY VISITS offers valuable additional values ​​for your next event.



CEO Pole Position Int. GmbH - Horst Meissner:
Even after Covid-19, "EASY VISITS" will be an indispensable part of a professionally organized event.